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Borough Market

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img_1305 On Friday Neale and I visited Borough Market in Southwark, London. We’d been meaning to visit for several years but had never got around to it, we always seemed to be busy just keeping our small food business going. As food producers and foodies we have been to and exhibited at loads of food shows, some good and some not so useful. So in fact we did know about a lot of the food producers at the market but as ever in London there are always businesses that we have never heard of with fabulous produce to sell. At long last we made the trip and were instantly rewarded. The market is open to the public on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We arrived at 12.20pm on the Friday when the market had just opened and the crowds and general buzz were reminiscent of those wonderful French markets like Arles or Cahors. The crowds seemed to be made up of those just looking and grazing and those who were shopping for their weekend requirements, earnestly searching through piles of wonderfully colourful and wonky vegetables with their baskets brimming with all manner of goodies.

img_13041We loved it all and spent ten minutes with a delightful lady at the Mons cheese counter. We stock all the best British cheeses from small artisan producers at our company Dukeshill such as Montgomery’s Cheddar, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, Barkham Blue to name but a few so we don’t really ever need to buy French cheese. But this lady was so knowledgeable and the cheeses at the peak of perfection that after tasting at least six different types we gave in and bought five cheeses that we hadn’t come across before.

img_13031There were quite a few farm-shop enterprises selling beautiful looking cuts of meat, sausages and bacons produced using whatever breed they happened to stock although I didn’t see Tamworths or Berkshires mentioned anywhere. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to get a pitch at the market one day and be selling our Berkshire and Tamworth products?! Amongst the farm-shop stalls was one called Sillfield Farm whose message I particularly liked and which is one we endorse wholeheartedly at Dukeshill – see below.

If only more of the great British public realised how much care and effort goes into producing the sort of foods available at Borough Market, the quality of the starting materials and the refusal to cut corners, which no supermarket is ever going to replicate despite their claims to have done so, what a wonderful and exciting culinary country Britain could become.


Written by sarahh7282

May 11th, 2009 at 12:57 pm