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Last time I mentioned about Neale’s first attempt at growing a variety of fruit and veg in his four raised beds was back in March when he had just created the actual beds. It’s amazing how quickly, just four months on, we now have a glut of the most delicious vegetables. We’re learning hard and fast from our mistakes as well as our successes such as one large lettuce a day is too much for just the two of us, peas need covering with netting to prevent the pea moth maggots from spoiling numerous pods and our broad beans are covered with little black bugs. As for the raspberries, big mistake not covering them with netting. Every morning for the last week I walk past the raspberries on my way to feed the chickens but if I don’t pick them there and then they are gone by the end of the day. I’ve even caught a pheasant repeatedly jumping to snatch gooseberries from our standard gooseberry trees – quite cute to watch!

One of the nicest parts about growing your own is deciding what to cook based on what looks ripe and ready right outside your door. All the food magazines have countless seasonal recipes to try and it has been really fun to try lots of them out such as the chicken with broad beans in a creamy dijon sauce; linguine with goats cheese, peas and broad beans; spinach & red chard lasagne; french bean, pea & hazelnut salad; raspberry and gooseberry jam; beetroot in white sauce; lamb with carrots, new potatoes, shallots, garlic, peas & broad beans ……  The other really good reason for growing your own apart from the freshness is the savings it’s made to my housekeeping budget. I have been surprised though at how little difference there is in flavour to freshly dug or picked to some of the veg you can buy locally at farm shops or even supermarkets. Perhaps that has more to do with the varieties we have chosen to grow this year but I must admit I was expecting to be blown away by the flavour which I haven’t been for the most part. All tastes perfectly nice and I’m sure side by side with the usual supermarket veg ours would have the edge on flavour. We have much to learn – a work in progress as you might say!



Written by Sarah

July 11th, 2010 at 4:38 pm