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I’m really excited. Mike Bant has confirmed we are able to have two little girl Gloucester Old Spots in the next week from the same place we had our last lot, Her Majesty’s Prison Hewell Grange in Worcestershire. Already we have prepared their area putting in a new field gate on the second side of their triangular pen area to allow large vehicle access from both sides, although we still haven’t planted any trees but plan to do so in the coming weeks. I’m particularly excited as I am going with Neale this time to pick them up in our friends working Landrover which has been stripped out. Remembering the state of Neale’s Nissan X-Trail last year after the one journey with our new pigs, and the ensuing projectile diarrhoea, we’re really relieved we can use a vehicle you can literally hose down, but haven’t quite come clean(!) with our friend about the possibility of that happening yet.

Character-wise I loved our old Berkshire and Tamworth pigs but the Gloucester Old Spot was a lot gentler and easier to cope with. Towards the end of Tallulah, Lola and Oinky’s lives I really didn’t like being in the pen with Tallulah, the Berkshire, in particular. Mainly because she bit me quite hard and just rammed me which considering she was 84kg was scary. However don’t let that put you off Berkshires. She was the most beautiful, the most ballsy and the funniest to watch as she was always doing something, such as running, wallowing, rooting, checking out the hedgerow, kicking her football etc.. Despite all that we plumped for the Gloucester Old Spot this year but we may well go back to Tamworths and Berkshires in ¬†years to come or perhaps some other rare breed. Already the names in the frame are Fatima and Flora but I’ll keep you posted as the debate is still raging!


Written by Sarah

January 26th, 2010 at 12:16 pm