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Ball in distance

Ball in distance

One of the main things I’ve really noticed with our pigs is how much noise they make and how often. The volume and pitch varies enormously from completely hysterical, Lola the Tamworth at feeding time, to a gentle grunt when they are just snuffling around. The only time they seem to be quiet is when they’re asleep but even then they snort if they move. I think the noises is one of the most endearing aspects of pigs. In the same way I can happily sit amongst our flock of chickens whilst they gently cluck and scrape the ground looking for insects and worms I could equally sit for hours, although sadly I never have enough time, with our pigs.


The pigs hearing and sight is not great. In fact it is very easy to walk right up to them when asleep or sunbathing and then rattle the bucket of food. The pandemonium that then ensues is extremely funny to watch but it is always Lola that screams the loudest and for the longest, typical woman! Oinky, the Gloucester Old Spot is the most placid of the three and is the quietest. Incidentally I meant to say the other week that Neale donated an old netball to the pigs for them to play with. He had been told that they liked to play with a ball. Either they can’t see it or he’s been given duff information. They’ve tried eating it but apart from that there’s been absolutely no interest. Ronaldo’s safe for a while!!


Written by Sarah

June 21st, 2009 at 10:54 am