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Bella checking "her" pigs

Bella checking "her" pigs

“This week I have been mostly eating treacle pudding” is what they would tell you if they could. Suffice to say that we have finally reached the last of the rejected batch of treacle puddings and although we limited the pigs to one each every morning and again in the evening they just couldn’t get enough. In fact I’m not sure too much of a good thing is good for pigs as they became progressively more assertive and intimidating during this period of supplementary feeding. I went in one morning wearing flip flops (possibly a silly thing to do anyway) but had to make a very hasty exit when the pigs kept nipping my toes. They’ve got sharp not so little teeth and my thoughts turned to that novel Hannibal, which I had always thought of as ridiculous but I’m not so sure now! The part where some stooge is thrown in with the pigs to be eaten alive. If he tasted of treacle pudding I could well believe it. 

I do vaguely remember when working at the Malton Bacon Factory in the abattoir nearly twenty five years ago that if a pig arrived injured its companions would turn on it in the lairage and it was quite often kinder to dispatch the pig there and then than leave it in the lairage overnight. Believe it or not pigs do have cannibalistic tendencies. Anyway on the bright side they will taste delicious after all this treacle and certainly won’t need marinading!


Written by Sarah

May 31st, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Posted in The Pig Diary