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Tallulah the Berkshire

Tallulah the Berkshire

I realise that I have yet to post really good front face shots of our three rare breed pigs, Tallulah, Lola and Oinky. It’s actually quite difficult to manage to get a good shot because they’re so inquisitive. Anyway here’s my best efforts so far. 

It’s been really interesting watching their characters emerge. Neale is enamoured with the Berkshire, Tallulah. She certainly seems to be the boldest now and is very endearing with her efforts to dominate the small group. I would describe Tallulah as the “Mae West” of the group, with Lola being more like a “Grace Kelly” in temperament and general gracefulness. I’m not sure how I’d describe Oinky yet but he is sweet natured and concentrates all his efforts on eating.

Lola the Tamworth

Lola the Tamworth

Berkshire’s are meant to be lively but good natured pigs, Tamworths to have a good disposition and to like the company of humans and Gloucester Old Spots to be calm, placid pigs. So far ours seem to be following the breed traits to the letter!The Gloucester Old Spot


Written by Sarah

May 25th, 2009 at 7:48 am