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An even more beautiful Tallulah

An even more beautiful Tallulah

“Raining cats and dogs” is the expression I would use to describe the weather this week but it was much needed for the garden. As a result the pigs haven’t managed to get in as much sunbathing as they would have liked. To cheer them up Neale bought home a batch of 42 Treacle puddings from a rejected batch at work (our steam oven had broken down). Treacle puddings are what pigs like best we’ve discovered. We’ve had to ration them to one pudding each in the morning and one each in the evening, however every time we go out they get so excited it’s a bit like standing at the finishing line of the 100m when Usain Bolt is coming at you! Hilariously Tallulah was so determined to win the race just now that she tripped and rolled and ended up in a hideously muddy mess as you can see. Can’t say the humiliation seemed to bother her though and in fact she didn’t hurry to get her face out of the mud.


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May 17th, 2009 at 12:07 pm

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