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Three greedy little piggies

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Lola and Oinky waking up

I can’t believe how much these little piggies eat. They are unbelievably greedy and seem to be flying through their food at an alarming rate. The pigs let you know if they’re really hungry by running up to you as soon as they hear the gate open. They push the metal feeding trough over and shove it around and if they’re really hungry they bite your feet and trousers. Thank goodness we also have the leftover fruit and veg from our local organic box scheme to supplement their feed. I did find out this week that they particular liked stale fruit cake, with the result that Tallulah, Lola and Oinky started scrapping over the scattered lumps. When Neale went on his one day course on pig keeping at Pig Paradise he was told that if you allowed a pig to live to the end of its natural life, which can be as long as twenty years, it would cost in the order of £60,000 to feed and house it! I obviously didn’t believe him then but I’m beginning to see there might be some truth in this now. Consequently I’m seriously considering putting their names down for boarding schools which must be the better value option!

The Pig Paradise course was well worth going on. Neale enjoyed it immensely and has found the course incredibly useful. Tony York who runs it down in Wiltshire covers all sorts of pig keeping issues from the boring paperwork/Defra side to the feeding, keeping, breeding and eating of all the different rare breed pigs. They keep breeding stock of all the rare breeds so you can see the latest litters and adults and you can also buy weaners from him too if you can’t find any locally.


Written by sarahh7282

April 19th, 2009 at 11:59 am