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Three tired, cold little piggies

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Tired piggies

Tired piggiesIt's now one week since our pigs arrived and I can't believe Tallulah, Lola and Oinky are still refusing to sleep in their pig arc. I managed to coax Oinky and Lola into the arc with some apple but Tallulah is having none of it. As she's top pig she obviously controls what the others do. It's quite frustrating because she is so stand-offish whereas Oinky, who is the friendliest so far, comes up and lets you rub his back. Lola is still unsure what to make of us.

We were thrilled when friends of ours who run a local organic vegetable box scheme agreed to give us any leftover or rotting fruit and veg for the pigs. As a result this week we have had two boxes of rotting pears, kiwi fruits, apples, cabbage and carrots. The pigs must have thought it was Christmas and just adored the kiwi fruit. I even managed to get Tallulah to the edge of the pig arc with a squashed kiwi! Every night we go out to see if the pigs have put themselves to bed but so far it’s been the (now) earthy patch by the fence they huddle up in. At least it’s been dry and sunny every day but it must get cold during the early hours. Fingers crossed we’ll get them into that arc eventually.

I would say whereabouts we are but I’ve just heard of two separate livestock thefts in the last week, one of them was just two miles from us so I’m not going to divulge our pigs’ address sadly. I can’t imagine the end those animals are going to meet because without the necessary paperwork no decent abattoir will receive them. Very sad and worrying.


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April 12th, 2009 at 8:21 am

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